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So, here I am. In the net. A small step towards immor(t)ality.
Have I got something special to say? Have I got something special to show?
Maybe not, but being on the net does not mean that I am special!
Actually, the idea of the site came in my mind recently, when I discovered a new kind of sites. People that write their diaries publishing them on the net.
Young people.
Their pages reminded me of the kind of diary that I was used to keep at school, when I was 13 years old. Newspapers' cuttings: sexy images, politics news (Italy was almost in a civil war, there were hundreds of deaths per year due to terrorism), silly poetry, jokes...
It was something ment not to be secretive, but to pass to friends.
I remember that once my diary was impounded by the teacher, because some of my classmates were reading it during the lessons.
It was found too sexy (Italy is very Catholic, you know, and nudity is a sin...).
Anyway, let's stick to the question.
So here is a collection of things that I like, of things that speak of myself & of my tastes, of things that I hate, of things that are important, of things that maybe you had not the time or the opportunity to notice.
So it will be mostly me, but not only.
Enyoy the time and thank you for visiting!
By the way, any comment will be scrutinised in depth, so don't be afraid... ;-)


English vs. Italian

If you didn't work it out from my name -the banner at the beginning of the page- English is not my first language.
Actually, I don't even live in a country where English is the first language! I am Italian, and I live and work in Italy.
Yes, I spent one year in UK -being an anglophile from the youth- but, at the end of the day, I found that country in many aspects too much far away from my tastes.
After that year, I appreciate much more things that only Italy can offer. But English is currently not only a dominant language overall, but «the» dominant language of the net.
Maybe you don't think about it, but HTML is an «English» language...
Maybe I will miss some jokes and tricks that I could do in Italian. Who cares?
Stoopid, thinks I, do you think I hain't de know-leige to 'rite down jokes in English, if I wish?
Careful ;->


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